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Where is functionality?


Why nothing was done?

How loud should I scream?


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It's link for Evernote Forum. Funny it doesn't work.

Let's do this that way: 


You should add "https" yourself

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The New Evernote Windows Client is an absolute disaster


All we have different requirements for the note-taking app. I can not share good emotions with people who like the new Evernote Windows Client 10.+

Evernote team released a new client and shut down many features the old Evernote Windows Client had. I want to say that I am fed up with Evernote and their attitude to the customers. Like many other users, I was a beta tester of their new client and reported about many bugs, lacking functionality, UI problems. I spent more than 20 hours only for testing and reporting about the beta release. I think that I am not alone who tried to help Evernote to be better. Was our feedback used by the Evernote team? No.

So I want to say I fed up with Evernote and will cancel my subscription, but I can not. There are too much effort in these notes, too many hours.

So what particularly missed in the new client:

  • Manual (Forcing) Sync and Sync status. Not anymore. As well as sync status.

  • Cards Filtering View. Not anymore. You can't operate with your cards in Cards View anymore. Forget about the GTD technic and so on.

  • Tags Managing View. Tags View was changed on List View. You can't operate with them and see all of them now. You can't choose several of them using CTRL or SHIFT for filtering notes.

  • Colour Tags Labels. Forget about GTD or any other managing technic. Colour Labels were eliminated.

  • Extensive Tags and Notebooks Filtering. There is no more possibility to filter notes like this: "(any: tag:A tag:B) tag:C -tag:B todo:true." You can filter only by one tag. And you can not choose a notebook anymore where filtering should be implemented.

  • Note History. This window opens too long and asked my credentials again. After credentials, it gives window "Oops. Something wrong"

  • Database Export. It freezes on the biggest notebook I have. On the small one, it works.

  • Offline Mode. Couldn't find offline mode, and it affects Evernote. Now it is working much slower.

  • Snapshots don't work. They eliminated snapshots. Now you can't make a quick screenshot and annotate it.

  • Expanding window for note's tags. The only small area in the basement. I can't see all tags for note anymore.

  • Customizable toolbar. Not anymore.

  • Multiselecting and Operating with notes. Deleting, merging, moving - now you can not do it for more than 50 notes.

  • Shortcut keys. Many useful shortcuts were eliminated.

All of these issues were reported to the Evernote team several times.

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The link to

"https" + "://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/126564-all-mistakes-still-there-in-01072020-beta-v6141/"

still doesn't work. This seems to be the (meanwhile?) closed Windows Preview Forum...



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1 hour ago, HeBoIz said:

This seems to be the (meanwhile?) closed Windows Preview Forum...

That (I think) was the screen I got an hour after the OP posted.*  Guess Evernote decided it was best to have all the discussion in one Windows 10+ forum.

* Actually no it wasn't - I got a 'you are not authorised to see this page' since I was never part of the private beta testing group.  Either way I wouldn't have been able to see any comments.

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