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Feedback - Not happy with the latest release


Just providing a discussion topic for user rants
For specific feedback/requests please post individually in the requests forum
For specific technical bugs/issues please post individually in the bugs/issues forum

edit  This is the best news I've seen; we can install a legacy version, and run side-by-side with v10

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1 hour ago, s2sailor said:

I would find improvement in task management helpful.  My guess though, considering the changes to their syncing, is simultaneous editing of shared notes.  I'm not interested in that, but that one looks likely to me.  Maybe we should start a betting pool?

Realtime collaboration is a good guess. I'm sure that's on the list.

A betting pool sounds like a great way to distract us all from the limitations of the current edition of the app. :) 

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2 hours ago, Paul A. said:

way to distract us all from the limitations of the current edition of the app

I think there is no to realistic way to distract us and the alltime everywhere rants in the power user group . But this won‘t change anything anyway. EN will go its way, may this be our way or not.

There will probably be very serious decision regarding with with the „EN“ board mentioned by Ian Small. We shouldn‘t forget that EN isn‘t a non profit organization nor the Salvation Army. EN is in majority in the hands of venture capital firms. These firms have been financing EN and waiting patiently for years for success and profit.

The decision to hire Ian Small and to build the system completely new from the ground will have been settled in this board. This may have included the option to cut down non profitable branches and not widely used functions.

But hope dies last. I hope for solutions for the biggest actual issues, for reimplementing of features and last but not least for new game changing (power user) functions...

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never thought I would, but I have just cancelled my premium subscription of my beloved evernote. what a sad day. considering the lack of feedback from the company on roadmap, on which of the plentiful axed features they plan to re-introduce, the unclear timeline of when the fully featured "legacy" apps will stop working ("...only temporarily available while we work to bring a few of the legacy features to our new apps." (my highlighting of the official wording)) and the complete breakdown of my workflows in V10, I do not see a way forward with a company neglecting users and use cases as much as evernote currently does.

considering the content of the crisis PR interviews by Ian the message of frustration has not been heard clearly enough by the evernote team, so all there is left for me to do is to vote with my feet and leave. this is the only message they have to listen to, as ultimately it pays their salaries and if a substantial number of paying customers cancel they might react after all. should things improve dramatically I might come back, but I am not counting on it. Devonthink here I come...

thank you very much for the past ten years - it was fabulous while it lasted...

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Mac Desktop App - Evernote 10.1.7 - Build 1902 - what a setback

Feels really poor compared to past releases - and I've been a loyal advocate with 18.000+ notes and 10+ years

Big misses


  • Very slow - in everything
  • Tags at note's bottom
  • Creates multiple untitled copies
  • Can't see own account status 
Lost in migration
  • No indentation shortcut
  • Lost captured images from old Evernote

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1 hour ago, URamsing said:

Tags at note's bottom

Dear URamsing, I agree with all this, there was just one item I wanted to talk about at the moment though, Tags at note's bottom.

I agree, it's illogical to move them down the bottom, I remember Ian Small saying it was moved down, demoted because, (with a big smile on his face) less than 2% of our users use tags ! wow, that's hard to believe isn't it, I would have thought out of their paying customer base that one of the things I would have paid for "and used" were tags, cause they are great!.

Ian then talked about user interface consistency, and how they should all be similar, iOS, Android, Mac, PC Etc. Well on the iOS Evernote 10 the tags are edited at the top so what's that all about Ian? They sit at the top of the screen! did you forget and there's even less screen real-estate on a phone which was the second reason he gave for moving them down, wasted space where they were at the top. I don't think that is accurate, is my politicians reply to that.

Go to: 33:00 approx to hear the explanation from the man himself.  Quote Ian Small: "The issue is that tag users are less than 2% of our audience". I would say yes, that is an issue, an issue of you not getting over either the importance or their ease of use. So instead of addressing that, move them out of the way, that makes complete sense. Not.

You know I'm more worried about the fact that Ian Small doesn't appear to use, or understand the importance of tags himself than the fact that they've moved down the screen. Just as long as they don't move off the screen, I'll be happy.

Me: I don't think Ian Small uses tags, go on, I dare you, someone, ask him.


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On that 2% thing...  I'd love to know how precisely the stats they have were obtained,  because there's always that "lies,  darned lies,  and (misinterpreted) statistics" thing. 

I used to work in Insurance as an Underwriter (like Xena,  I have many talents) - one of the guys who guess how likely it is that something bad is likely to happen. 

We used to have conversations about costs and numbers that would bore drying paint.  And the thing is:  a lot of people sometimes get their sums very wrong.

Evernote forinstance has (say) 250 MILLION users.  If only 2% of them use tags,  that's still 5 million users.  Or maybe we took a measure of users who've regularly accessed the account - say 10% of the total - and it's 2% of them who use tags.  OK,  we're now down to 500,000 users - but I'd bet a larger than normal proportion of them are also subscribers.

Annoying a large number of (currently) paying users is not good business practice.

The fact that Evernote has such a large group of users from around the world means their stats are full of 'random noise' - tens of millions of random 'domestic' users opening the app,  adding a few notes,  and accessing some arbitrary features. 

Alongside that are hundreds of thousands of 'serious' users who have person- or business-critical workflows and who use their 5% of the features intensively.

The serious users' activities would get drowned out by the domestic ones and appear to be only a small factor;  but those are the users - including many of the contributors here - who pay the bills. 

Just sayin'.  🤔

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