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Toolbar disapears when editing notes

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The toolbar is replaced with "Last edited on" text as soon as I changed anything in the note. Which is extremely annoying, since I loose the ability to do any formatting operations until that text times out.



I've tried this in both firefox and chrome, the behaviour is the same in both.

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Hi.  What version of the web client is this?  And how long is it before the text times out?  

As you're a subscriber I'd suggest you raise this with Support. (We're a -mainly- user-driven Forum here.  Support are usually busy but they do have under the hood access that we don't.)

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2 hours ago, Magnus Westin said:

Web client 10.10.

And about 15 seconds I think. Sometimes I have to change focus for it to happen, but not always.

Certainly sounds too long - I don't have access to that version,  so can't help unfortunately - Support is your best bet!  (There is a new version of the Windows client out too - you might want to have a look at that...)

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I've been having the same problem for the past couple of days, for both the new and classic editors, in both Chrome (both normal and incognito tabs) and Firefox. (Edit - this is for v10.1.0 as well.)

I can't see a way to contact support, just a feedback form - is that only for paying subscribers? 

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I've also got 10.2.1 (click on your user name at upper left in web version, see drop down). Oh, I see that the toolbar appears once I click inside a note - so it thinks I'm about to edit it. Why don't they just leave the freakin' toolbar there all the time?

It's time to try transferring all notes to OneNote.

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