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All notebooks deleted when upgrading to Business

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Hello - i recently upgraded to a business account using a notebook i've used for about a year using a basic account. All my work over the past year is there on about a hundred separate notebooks. I used the same email I used for my basic account to make the business account.

To my horror, when i logged into evernote as I usually do, using my old email and password, I could no longer access any of my notebooks. It's as though i'm logging into a brand new account. 

Could really use help with this - I'm in a lot of trouble with my work if I can't get all my information back.

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The same thing has happened to me.  I'm lost with out my notebooks which were on my basic account.  I'm receiving you no longer have access to these notebooks.  I did not share them with anyone however they could be attached to my former families account Hkveloso@yahoo.com which I have no access to.  I'm not a business user and have no need to upgrade.  Hopefully this will not Evernotes team from helping me retrieve the notebooks.  

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Hi.  You show on the Forums here as a Premium account,  so should have access to email Support to resolve this - Business accounts were updated to split business and personal notes more effectively - see details here:  https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019020593-Update-your-Evernote-Business-account

You should have separate access to the Business notes if that was the issue - but you may need Support's help to find the login.  If you upgraded on a trial basis,  you may have a payment issue which has suspended the business account - again you need Support to resolve that. 

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Just one question: Do you work in and with a group of People, like in a Business or other organisation ?

Then Business is o.k. In this case your notes should be in the new Premium account, that you should find with assistance from support.

If you work alone, Premium would do.

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Hi @eila! Sorry to hear you've been having trouble. When you upgrade a personal account to a business, the business account will be a separate account. During that signup process you have the option to swap an email to use as the business. It sounds like all your notebooks would be in that original personal account. When you get a chance, are you able to remember the other email you used during the sign up process? That email would be the one that contained your notes.

If you continue to have trouble, feel free to reply to your open support ticket. I see you last spoke with one of our agents last Wednesday. If you continue to experience issues or need additional help, that ticket would be the best place to go!

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