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An Loyal Evernote User Advice on a Missing WorkChat Feature

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My name is Caiyong, and I have been using Evernote since 2015. I used to work in Evernote U.S Redwood City as a staff accountant. Then, I moved back to China to start my E-commerce business, and it became a multi-million business. I thank for Evernote to help my company organize all the work and the collaboration efficiency it brought to my teams.
I have two teams, the U.S team, and the Chinese Team. They use Evernote every day to manage their work. Thus, Evernote is the most important application for my company. Since my company is growing, I am interested in Evernote Business. However, something stopped me from upgrading from Evernote premium to Evernote Business. It's missing one of the WorkChat features.
Here is the problem with the current Work Chat:
When there is a new member joining my company. I have to start a new WorkChat group instead of adding the new member to an existing WorkChat group. If you want more people to start Evernote Business, please fix this WorkChat. It's an essential tool for companies to collaborate together. Otherwise, I need to pay for Slack, which I don't want to.
Evernote has great potential if it targets the E-commerce business owners (Amazon sellers), helping them how to manage their daily tasks and help them discover new products and save the product information. It can also help them manage finance-related tasks. No one knows these tricks if they do not work in the E-commerce industry or finance industry.
I've been monitoring Evernote updates for 5 years. And no videos talk about how to use Evernote for Selling on Shopify / Amazon. If your sales team can talk to the developers and fix the Work Chat, I'm willing to create tutorial videos for free and join Evernote Business. This will bring a huge amount of specifically targeted users to Evernote with premium subscriptions.
Thanks for your consideration. I love to use Evernote to grow my business, and I have been waiting for the above Evernote WorkChat feature since the date it launched WorkChat. 
Caiyong Chen
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Hi.  This is a (mainly) user-supported Forum and no-one here is really able to do anything with your suggestions.  Evernote employees do read the posts eventually but it may take some while.  Meantime there are specialised consultants around the world who may be able to help - https://evernote.com/certified-consultants#find-community-member plus I flagged your post for a Forum Admin here who may be able to advise.

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