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Template button disappeared


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I have the latest beta version v.9.7.0. I've always had a template button when I create a new note. All of a sudden, this template button doesn't show up anymore. This happened right after I installed Web Clipper Extension on Chrome.

I've tried closing completely Evernote and reopening and it does not work.


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Moved to the beta forums.

As to thoughts:  this kind of thing can happen with a beta - random addition and deletion of features.  If that's not something you can work around,  please move back to the current public release.

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23 hours ago, anonymousbrunette said:

Having the same problem. Suddenly viewing is odd (text much larger) as well. And Template is grayed out. Tried duplicating a previous note using the template and it wouldn't let me edit.

Hi.  If you're using the beta,  see comments about betas!  Thanks for the headsup though.

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