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"? /" key not working only in Clipper

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I can not enter a '/' or the upper case '?' when creating a new clip using Firefox on a windows 10 PC.  I can enter these characters in the browser, and notepad, etc. I can enter it using the ALT Key code 63.   I have an international English QWERTY board.  I have restarted my system and the problem remains.  Can someone help me fix this?

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18 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Enter these characters where?  In the clip title,  or as a tag or comment?

Sorry!!!  I should have been clearer on that point: It does not work anywhere in the Clipper extension.

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Just tested with the german version of the FireFox web-clipper:

Here/there I haven't any problems to enter these chars in title or comment-field.

Doesn't seem to be a general problem with clippings in FireFox.

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Not seeing it here either...  You've already tried item 1 of my universal fixit list.  Want to go for #2 and #3?

(in increasing order of desperation)

  • File > Exiting Evernote and closing / reopening the app; 
  • as above but throw in a device restart before reopening;
  • File > Exit and then uninstall / restart / reinstall

Good luck!

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