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How to add scanned document?

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For years I used Evernote to scan and manage my documents. It was enough to start a new note, activate in-app camera and I had a choice to select photo or document. In document mode program automatically sized image to the scanned page. Right now I don't see this option. After activating camera I see only "Photo". How to activate "scanning"?
I have Evernote Plus subscryption.


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I'm on a samsung S9 on EN v 8.13.3; when I use the camera to "scan" a note into EN, it takes a photo and will add the photo. There doesn't seem to be a way to go directly to PDF, which I've always found odd because EN is more a document management tool than a photo management tool. Two possible workarounds that I've used: First, with the DropBox, scan feature, you can store a document as PDF into whatever DropBox folder you'd like (using their Android app, they have a scan function) , then using Zapier.com you can have it automatically move any file it finds in a given DropBox folder moved into a given EN notebook. With their free account, you can do that up to 100 times per month.

A second and more graceful way, would be to still use DropBox to scan into a PDF file, then within EN, utilize "Tools - Import folders..." to monitor the given DropBox folder and move any new files into EN and tell EN to delete source file so your DropBox doesn't get more and more full.

One might think this could happen through IFTTT too, but it cannot. I have a "pro" IFTTT account, and tried building it myself (I'm not a coder, so I did not attempt anything more than the point and click options available). I also tried all the existing apps others have created that claim to provide this function. The best I could find there is an IFTTT action that sees the new DropBox file, and creates a new note in EN with a link back into dropbox. That's okay, but there are storage limitations in DropBox that make EN a better choice for long term storage.

I see gazumped's idea about changing via tapping on thumbnail, and that does bring up a choice to save as "document" (and other options). If I save as document, it is saved as PNG file... still not a PDF.

I love EN and have been a premium member for a long time (10795 notes!). I occasionally get frustrated by what seems like a straightforward feature that EN should be offer, like "scan with camera to PDF". EN is a document management / note taking tool... why "scan" to a photo? Doesn't make sense to me. Nevertheless, it's still a great product!


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I agree (as many have also suggested) that getting scans into PDFs, and/or printing/saving to PDF, would be good. Perhaps once the new-new version comes to Android, and a month or two of "how did they break that?" fixes and updates, we'll see something like this. I suppose it could be in the new version, but that seems to focus more on editing and sycning.

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