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Emails with scan not received

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Just recently, I have noticed that I am not receiving any scanned files using Scannable like I use to. Nothing has changed in the app or settings. After I scanned the document (PDF), I will send it straightaway to my email using the SEND 'mail' button. I will then enter the email address I would like to send to - which is normally myself. The scanned PDF never arrives at my mail box despite having no issues sending it. It says Email sent.....but there is.no email.

Can you let me know how to resolve this?



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Hi.  It's possible that your mail daemon has flagged Scannables' outgoing server as a source of spam and blocked the service.  Do you have another email address you could send to as a check that outbound mail is actually working?

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4 hours ago, EverAsk said:

So - my extremely sensitive information is now entirely outside of my control?  Where I cannot swiftly delete it?  Unacceptable.

If your 'extremely sensitive' information was emailed at all,  it's no longer private. Some email apps make a great thing of their encryption - for a reason.

4 hours ago, EverAsk said:

Do I have to try another email provider and risk having my information being sent into another unreachable limbo, where I have no control over it's fate?

Evernote is not an email provider.  Perhaps if you can explain in more detail what issues you're experiencing,  we might be able to help?

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An e-mail is in general as public as a post card.

Some providers use a variant of transport layer encryption (TLS/SSL), but it is never end-to-end, because there is no industry standard. So it is encrypted in transport, but decrypted and again reencrypted by the mail providers. It may be that one leg of the communication is even unencrypted, because a provider does not offer encryption, or the user has opted against it.

If you want to send any sensitive information via e-mail, you need to create an encrypted container first, and attach this to an e-mail. Make sure the container is really encrypted, and not only locked superficially.

Obviously this is not possible between the Scannable app and an e-mail account. The safest way (beside saving it locally) is to save directly from Scannable into the EN account. In this case it goes from the mobile phone to the EN server encrypted, without intermediaries who decrypt and reencrypt the content.

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