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3D touch shortcut is gone!! and more!!



The 3d touch or haptic touch shortcuts used to be the quickest way to create a note.

Now in the new iOS version, this handy feature is no longer there. 

I have no idea what Evernote team is doing. The new design is now making lots of important function very hard to access. Just to give you one more example, the shortcuts used be at the bottom of the screen with one-tap acessibility, now it has become 2 or 3 taps starting from the silly sidebar. 

This iOS new update is totally a disaster. Evernote as a sound and reliable notebook app company, just cannot pass a draft app to its users. As a premium user for many years, I am thinking of a switch for the very first time regardless of all the switching cost if Evernote can't provide a soild sound app anymore.

Anybody agree with me? Tell me I am not alone.

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EN is doing a lot, some better, some ...

But Haptic Touch is none of their business. It was removed by Apple, depending on the device with iOS 13 or WatchOS 7.

What you probably mean is a QuickMenu that would allow with a long press (that replaced Haptic Touch on all devices) on the app icon to do things like create a note without opening the app.

This was probably not implemented yet - let‘s add it to the list of lost items.

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