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Formatting gone haywire from Evernote to Telegram/Whatsapp

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Short answer - probably not.  Something about copying and translating the coding from one app's page into the version(s) used by another.  You could try pasting into a text box / another app to check the layout and copying from there into Evernote...?

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The problem isn’t EN, the problem is that there are no standards for things like numbered / bullet lists or indented paragraphs.

Each program does its own interpretation of how to present it.

Messengers are trickier than others, because natively they don’t have these features. So when a format is pasted together with the text they are ill suited to present it nicely.

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Try pasting into Notepad first, them copy/paste from there into Whatsapp/etc. Evernote puts text onto the clipboard in multiple formats (in this case ENML (EN's special format), HTML, and TEXT). Whatsapp is interpreting that HTML text badly. (Using a clipboard viewer, you can actually inspect what it looks like - I use ClipSpy from Michael Dunn (the URL listed in the program is no longer valid - it's old (2001)!))

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