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Bug vs lost feature within Notebook search

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Hi there, 

In the old Evernote version, within Notebook search, I could for example search for « o » and I would get the notebooks that contains « o » but also « ô », « ö », or any other accent on the letter and that was pretty helpful. In ENv10.0.3, if I search for « o », it will only bring back « o » and no other variant that is much less efficient. Is this a bug or is this a lost feature ?

I am using Evernote in French.

Screen captures attached.51E7EE98-E7CE-4A8B-BEFF-36E6E8664F95.thumb.jpeg.f3e5da0ec9cc8aacbd518c112fe7a344.jpegB5B86684-B027-49CB-9465-2BE0C59D80A3.thumb.jpeg.5a3a3ab97ff862a84c3d6710c079dbc2.jpeg

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I was just testing search myself with German language. When I search for “Kuchen” (cake) I also get search results for “Küchen” (kitchens).

From my point of view, that is NOT the desired behavior, because in German Umlaute change the meaning of words completely and when e.g. looking for recipes I don’t want to have kitchen remodeling ideas in between.

This is not an issue with the new Evernote, this already persists since a while and I doubt that this will ever be fixed. As we see just right now, users of different languages seem to expect different behaviors. 

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Using French, I just want to clarify that I only experience this problem in the « Notebook search field » but not within the « main search tab ». Within the « Main search tab », searching for « o », will bring « o » as well as « ô » and « ö » etc. 


See screen capture.



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