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Can’t switch notes

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Among all the other bugs in this release, I can’t switch between notes on my iPad 10. I can switch notes maybe once or twice before the app freezes. If I try to open a PDF attachment it usually doesn’t load and that immediately triggers the switch note freeze. Great release guys. 

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With switching you mean selecting another note from the notes list, or from a search list ?

It works for me, no problem, with 10.0.2. I can open pdf, annotate them, download to the files app etc.

I just made an observation: When I select the next note, the screen flashes twice in white, then the new note opens. This is visible when in dark mode, but I think it happens in light mode as well. There seems to be something going on, maybe saving the old note and calling the fresh one from the server. The flashing is slightly annoying at night, but o.k., there are other concerns at the moment.

Maybe uninstall, switch the i-decvice of and on again (cleans out memory), and reload from the App Store. You should be on 10.0.2 (or above, if the release something new), which fixed many issues.

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Yes I also get that flash.  I mean selecting a note from the note list.  It works a few times and then I'm frozen on the current note.  Shortly after that the app itself usually just crashes.  

I am on 10.0.2.  Will try to fresh reinstall.


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An app delete/reinstall did seem to fix the note switching issue and a few other bugs I had.  Not thrilled with this release but it's at least minimally usable while things sort out.  Thanks!

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