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Apple Pencil: Allow drawing directly on note



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46 minutes ago, raonoy72 said:

while in Evernote I need to insert a Sketch. 

Be aware that Evernote's base format is text based (enml/html)    
The only way to support drawing is with an image type file attachment

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I disagree 🙂 because that line based approach makes it much easier to print / export to regular paper sizes. While I really like OneNote's approach I don't want to have it / don't use it here in Evernote for such reason - so, it depends what is important to you, as we all know 🙂

Just to give a different view.

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Surely an option (maybe toggle-able in settings?) could be made available? that way, if you want to use such a feature you can ...and if you don’t, you don’t need to use it.
Like the OP, I would like to be able to draw directly on the note. I would greatly appreciate not having to use a 2-app workflow to annotate a note (create or import in Notability or GoodNotes + export into Evernote). Or, face moving and exporting my 3000 notes into another app/product. This seems to be a big oversight in functionality with the Apple Pencil. Given how Apple’s own Notes app has evolved over the years, I have to wonder if Evernote’s oversight in making text notes annotate-able is partly bc Apple hasn’t made it easy for them.

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