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HI.  I'm about to reveal my True Identity - something which has been a secret for 10+ years (apart from everyone I've told in the meanwhile) - so please don't tell anyone else about this.

I'm running a blog / FAQ for a number of reasons that I haven't gotten around to explaining yet - and I'm doing it from Evernote via the third party features of Postach.io.  It's very new,  and I'm still figuring out the best way to do this.  Please excuse the layout - it's not wildly professional - but the content is here.

I've set this thread up because a user was nice enough to complement me on the content and ask a few questions in another thread,  and I didn't want to hijack the discussion there.  Hence this post.  If anyone wants a longer explanation of how things are set up and why (or has any suggestions for improving stuff) please feel free to comment here.

The answer to those questions in that thread is:

1 hour ago, MakWada said:

who are the picture in circle and the picture (color) in the background (greyscale). Sorry, I had to ask. Also what does "SC" in "SC 20200929" stand for?

@MakWada - Thanks for your comments!  The colour picture is the real me, and the greyscale one is the actual Stephenson's Rocket - the first practical steam locomotive which won a competition in October 1829.  It was at a steam railway exhibition a year or so ago with that nice gentleman in the tall hat (I never got his name) doubling for Robert Stephenson,  the inventor.  The Rocket was doing short trips and I got a ride in a nearly 200-year-old 'carriage' which was basically a small open truck with room for 8-10 people to stand up and almost get vibrated to death.  (I think they got around to springs and seats a few years later.)

And the code is just my real-world initials and the date in yyyymmdd order.  The reason for it is a little complicated - I'm publishing pages from Evernote notes using Postach.io.  They're in one notebook in Markdown 'code' (which lets me do a little more layout and style) so the original text and other support material for that post is in another notebook.  The date code lets me tie two notes together easily,  and 'SC' is in there because other notes on that date won't have it.  Hope that's clear!

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Thank you for setting up this thread and revealing your true self. I will keep your secret. However ... I noticed that you changed your Evernote profile picture recently. So I decided to clip the article in question since you might decide to change it 😅.

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Sadly,  the blog picture is not subject to change.  I'm stuck with my looks in the real world - other than getting greyer around the edges.  The Forum images are more to do with my mood at the time!  :D

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11 hours ago, disco cat said:

I started using postach.io. I upgraded my account to Evernote Premium but suddenly I can't able to sync my articles...

Hi.  I've seen another post about sync issues with postachio - I suggest you check with their support.  I haven't noticed any problems yet....

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