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Basic account dropped my 2nd device / PC

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I've been using Basic Evernote as a writer for almost 10 years. It's been awesome, very rarely buggy to the point of wanting to kill it, and I have hundreds of notes-- basically, I am reliant upon it.  I set up my new phone yesterday and carefully selected my pc & new phone as my 2 devices, and that's all I need, really, so it makes zero sense for me to upgrade.
After selecting my devices and confirming it, I tried to open notes on my new phone. I could see the notes, but EN wouldn't open any. ** I checked to see if I'd chosen the right one by looking at the account info on my old phone. The only devices listed on my old phone (active or otherwise), were BOTH phones old and new.  I then revoked the old phone expecting the option to add a device but saw no way to do that. My pc is now nowhere to be found on the list, no longer an option to select, even though I am 100% certain that I selected it first, and that I never revoked it.
Here's my big question: I see that the basic description now says "up to 2 devices"-- does that mean that my account has just been downgraded to ONE device? That makes it pretty useless to me and mean corporatist tricks will never be convincing incentive for me to upgrade, not when SOME lucky users just GET to have 2 devices. Basic with 2 devices serves me perfectly. 

Does anyone have any advice, please? Is there an EN CSR here?? I need to know if there is tech support available at all for Basic-- doesn't look like it.
If not: Has anyone else encountered this problem with basic? If someone knows how to add another device for a grand total of TWO! That would be awesome. 

**I updated the app on new phone & it does open notes, now-- at least it does work as it should on my ONE device. 🙂



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5 hours ago, eastercaitlin@gmail.com said:

expecting the option to add a device but saw no way to do that.

Devices are added automatically when you use the device and log into Evernote!

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1) No direct support available, only for paid accounts. You always can upgrade to Premium for a month, which not only gives access to support, but as well allows to sort out device and syncing issues because the limits are far more generous.

Support reaction time is pretty long at the moment, they probably all work on the iOS clients tickets now.

2) There is the web client, which you can access through your browser and Evernote.com. It is never counted as a device. You can go there, log into your account and sort the devices out. Just do it without loops - when I remember it correctly, on basic accounts only 2 devices can be added per month. This was introduced because some „clever“ guys were device-hopping to avoid paying, but not respecting the basic plans limits.

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