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I can't find this template in Evernote

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Hi.  Looks like you created a note called 'project plan'.  As a basic user you don't have the option to re-save that note as a template in Evernote.  If you're working on a desktop,  you would be able to export that note to your desktop as an ENEX file,  then click on the note to create a new note in your account with the same content.

Create your own templates 

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Some gorillas can teach us nice tricks here !

Another way is to save the would-be template as a note, give it a unique title (like tempweeklyplanner or tempprojectmaster) and save it as a note. By searching for „temp*“ you can find all „template“ notes. You could create a templates notebook and mark it a favorite, or a templates tag as well.

If you want to use one of this templates, just go to the note and make a copy of it, which you are using for your new note. This way, you leave the template note untouched.

This works as well for those guys who have used up the limit of 20 templates, but need more for their workflows.

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