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Highlighting matched string for attached file in a note



Through "Find what you need" interface of Evernote for Windows ( (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)), I can search for attached filename in a note as mentioned in this forum "response comment". However, it does not highlight the matched filename of the attachment in orange. I also tried "Find Within Note" (Ctrl + F) but it doesn't highlight it as well in bright yellow.

Furthermore, I clipped "Project Jupyter | Home" using Evernote Web Clipper (7.13.1) on my Windows (10 Pro: 18363.1082) Google Chorme Browser (85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64 bit)) as is today (29/Sep/2020) as an "Evernote Web Clipper settings (Article)" as shown in the attachment ("Project Jupyter Home.enex"). I then searched for "ipynb" through "Find what you need" interface and it lists the notes as being having "ipynb". However it does not highlight where the Evernote for Windows found it. This is also true when using "Find Within Note" (Ctrl + F). It can't find it through this interface as well.

Project Jupyter Home.enex

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Hi.  I had to look it up,  but it seems like you're looking for IPYNB files - notebook documents used by Jupyter Notebook (re Python development).  Could you explain what you're trying to accomplish and maybe we can suggest some options?  Finding text in pages is usually pretty reliable,  but there's so much new coding around that maybe this site content is not readable to Evernote.

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Thank you @gazumpedSome of my notes are long in length. So I just want to jump to where it found the match. It seems that highlighting feature doesn't work for note's attached filename (if it found "ipynb" in the attached filename [including in its extension] then I want it to highlight the matched part of the filename).

Furthermore, in my attached note of "Project Jupyter Home.enex", it says that it found a match through "Find what you need" interface but I really do not know where it found the match. There is no highlight. I also tried searching "Project Jupyter Home.enex" using "Find Within Note (Ctrl + F)" but it says there is no match. This seems to be a bug either in "Find what you need" interface (where it said it found it) or "Find Within Note (Ctrl + F)" (where it says it doesn't).

I just want to see where it matched like in these images. I have not read in the original post (Why can't I search within a note?) in full but I liked its image so I've reused it.



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Searching for a file extension name is not the best way to find a file.  If I search within my database for pdf,  I get over 11,000 hits (because I scan a lot of information to PDF files) but on most of them I'm seeing the content rather than the attachment link,  and that text is not visible - and where the link is shown,  file extensions may have been excluded from the process because they could generate false hits.  Even where I can see the file name in a dropdown on the note 'frame' within which the PDF text sits,  "pdf" is not highlighted.  Where it occurs in ordinary text - as in descriptions of why PDF files are a good idea - then I get a highlight.

In your note forinstance "ipynb" does appear multiple times  - but in the non-displayed ENEX code of the note,  not the visible text.  Evernote has no way to highlight that for you.  (I used Notepad++ for this search)


I mentioned 'curation' a few times before in connection with databases - part of the process is finding out what works and what does not.  Not because of 'bugs',  but because the rules of search within files and the ways of displaying the content of those files sometimes work with you - but often work against you.  It's up to the operator to figure a way around this.

If you need to find all the files with Jupyter attachments,  and since Evernote's search syntax doesn't yet identify them as a particular 'type',  you'll have to remember at add the full filename as "<myfile.ipynb>" in the body of the note,  or maybe tag those notes <ipynb> in each case.

That's not a 'bug' - that's just how the world (of Evernote,  anyway) works...  :)

EDIT:  Forgot to add a clip and link - 


Searches for notes by the application or other source used to create them (e.g., 'mail.smtp' for notes added via email, 'web.clip' for notes added using Web Clipper, etc.).

source:mobile.* will return all notes created on a mobile application of some type.

source:web.clip will return all notes added using Web Clipper.


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@gazumped, thank you for the comments. I understand now that there are things that is not shown but it is embedded. Like you said, I viewed the "Project Jupyter Home.enex" with a text editor and "ipynb" was there like in your replied image. This was unexpected since I did look at the source code of "Project Jupyter | Home".

Not too important but I did not understand the following Master 😅 ... dropdown on the note "frame"?

On 10/2/2020 at 12:25 AM, gazumped said:

Even where I can see the file name in a dropdown on the note 'frame' within which the PDF text sits,  "pdf" is not highlighted.


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6 hours ago, MakWada said:

dropdown on the note "frame"?

We Sith occasionally have trouble with our words...  

When I look at a PDF note in my database,  it appears in a scrollable window.  The area in red (below) only shows up when the cursor is in that window,  and that's what I was trying to describe.  Sometimes a picture is better.  :)


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Now it is more clear Master. Thank you (I guess if I was truly fallen to the darkside ... I wouldn't say "Thank you" but "Yes Master" 😁). I just wish Evernote highlighted it if the search term was shown (like in red circle below) but I understand and it is also hard to highlight things if it was hidden.



I also noticed that for Evernote, the pdf filename is shown during loading (on the left hand side of the red circled area) and once finished loading changes to title of the PDF (if it has one) like below. I thought it was interesting so I mentioned it. This would be hard to highlight since the thing shown changes in the midst.



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