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Hi.  Is this your note,  or has it been shared to you?  If it was shared to your account you need explicit permission to "view/ edit and invite others".  If it is your note or you have that permission,  then presumably the note has been shared a number of times with specific email addresses.  If you make the note public,  you can share the URL.

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My problem is I tried to share my notebook & my friend received & accepted the invitation but he still doesn't see what I'm sharing. He even checked in his "Shared with Me" section and nothing listed in there. So I tried to cancel all the shares and tried it again and that's when I got You cannot invite any more members at this time. Please try again in a few days.

** Someone I knew has used evernote before so I decided to give it a try but there are so many bugs with evernote. I think I'm going to delete it.

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If you run a project without securing the necessary tools, IMHO it is your own responsibility.

Maybe you could invite more people when you subscribe. For sure you can ask support about it once you are subscriber.

No further ideas …

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