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Pin notebooks to top of Notebooks pane



Currently the Notebook Pane on the left has recent notebooks at the top, and other notebooks below that.  Although it is useful to have the most recent, it obviously keeps changing.  When I am in a hurry I hit the 2nd in the list (Recipes), but end up getting whatever notebook is there.  I only have 4 or 5 notebooks that I use regularly so I would like to just pin them to the top of the notebook list.  That way they would have a fixed location and I wouldn't keep hitting the wrong notebook.

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You can choose what appears in the side panel of your EN screen by selecting or deselecting it from the sub menu:


To pin a notebook to the top of the notebook list, you can use special characters at the beginning of the notebook name. If you for example rename the "Inbox" to "@Inbox" it will stick in the first position. Other symbol characters can be used to sort accordingly.

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Plus - there are Shortcut/ Favourites in the left hand window.  If you save a search for specific notes,  you can add that saved search to your favourites,  or you can drag the notebooks into that area and you'll have a shortcut directly to all the notes.  Favourites can be dragged into whatever order you prefer.  

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I have only one sidebar option.

I see an option to add a note as a shortcut.  In View/Notebooks right clicking on a notebook does give me the option to add to shortcuts, but there are no shortcuts in the left notebook pane.

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 3.21.45 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 3.34.49 PM.png

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