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Evernote Mac: A Keyboard Maestro Macro for renaming Notes and updating Links in other notes


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(You'll need Keyboard Maestro for this)

Somewhat in the same spirit as my other posts (autocomplete helper for tags and notes) I offer a Keyboard Maestro Macro to enhance the functionality of Evernote.

This time the macro is used to change a note's title and update the links to this note in other note. See the following gif:




  1. Pick a note to rename
  2. Press your hotkey for the macro
  3. In the prompt enter the new title of the note
  4. Note the notifications for the macro: There is one at the beginning of the update of the links and one in the end.
  5. Wait until the macro is finished. Done!


Just download the file and drop it onto the Keyboard Maestro App Icon in the dock, or double click the file. Afterwards you want to add a hot key trigger (I use cmd + option + E) to it.

Evernote - Search and replace Title.kmmacros

P.S.: See also my blog post about this.

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