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Restore a revoked device

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How can I retore a revoked device? My phone stolen so wanted to delete some sensitive Evernote data accessible from device. I 'revoked' device thinking this blocks access but only stops syncing. So, instead, I want to restore the device to delete the sensitive data then sync to clear from that device; as a better security option than just revoking sync feature. Solution appreciated.

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If a phone is stolen, the only protection for what is on the phone are usually the security functions of the phone itself. You can activate protection (face or Touch ID, passcode) for the EN app itself, but usually this is off, by user decision.

If the phones security functions were activated before the phone was stolen (stuff like „Find my iPhone“, similar for Android), you can block or even delete the phone by remote access. In fact, you can brick it this way which makes stealing much less attractive. These are phone functions.

Now about EN: On the device, usually only some basic note information is stored (unless you had „offline notebooks“, which is a Premium function). The main information is called from the server when a note is opened. Now it depends what sort of notes you had stored. Plain text notes may be completely on the phone, notes with attachments or photos just with a header and small preview pics.

When you revoke access, this phone can not sync any more with the server, which means the full note content can not be loaded any more. Local note content is still on the phone, and can probably be accessed, unless the phone itself is locked, and keeps that way.

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