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D & D did not load my image.

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I've been a loyal, advocate since 2009 & I need some help.

And currently running EN Ver: & My Previous EN Ver:

EN is running on W10 which I modified to look & feel like W7 on an ASUS gaming laptop.

I'm not a tech person nor do I deal with any big companies tech or otherwise.

EN in my format has become a "big box" virtual whse where I store info,images,etc.
for my many fast moving projects allowing me to work on several projects at ounce.
Many of my busn colleagues have commented how clever it was.  
Of course I tell theme about EN & offer to help them.

IMAGE #1: Shows the EN configuration I've been using with great success since 2009.   

IMAGES #2 & #3 show the last hurdle I have to get over so I can get back to work.

If anyone can help me solve the hurdle "IMAGES #2 & #3" I should be good to go & very grateful

chain whl klx.png

8 EN 3 images.jpg

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11 minutes ago, klxdrt said:

Top List does NOT SHOW individual notes

I don't understand - "Top List" view is a list of notes   
You're showing a Top List view of notes in date-updated sequence

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1794098322_4ENVer.jpg.e11ddd183426390fba7659714689e8f0.jpgTop list is suppose to show each of your notes horizontally across the page. 

My uploaded 3 image jpg tell the story. I see use a Mac. Ive been told by EN it comes in many iterations.
So EN can make money no matter what type of computer you are using.  That may be the cause of your problem.1661614969_8EN3images.thumb.jpg.a5c634e283479ea8e2c3ac09bfcf686a.jpg 

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24 minutes ago, klxdrt said:

I selected TOP LIST (Cntrl + F7) but that format shows only #1 NOTE & wont allow me to
scroll down thru the dz notes below #1

Your posts have been merged - cross-posting is against forum etiquette/rules

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...And I'm confused.  The top list view shows a list of several notes.  Because it occupies several lines of space,  selecting one note means only the top of that note can be seen - though it would be possible to scroll the note content up and down.  The middle bar of the screen - the divider between list and note - can be dragged up and down to share the available screen space more to one window than another,  but only so much can be done with the letterbox shape of the screen. 

The individual panels can also be switched on and off - so the list could be closed to allow the note to occupy the full screen.

Another way to see more of the chosen note would be to use the 'side list' view so the note can occupy the whole height of the screen,  or to double click the note name in the top list so that it opens in a separate window and has the full screen to itself.

(And I found another post related to this issue which I merged into the thread)


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