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Linked accounts lost?

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About a week ago Evernote decided to split my personal and business accounts (I own the company). On my iPad everything seems to be the same as it was before...but now on my iPhone and my computers when I do the exact same login as my iPad I don't have the option to switch to my business account any longer. What's going on? I've submitted 2x help ticket but no response. I pay over $100 a month for business with users so I'm a little upset that when you need help their tech support goes MIA. Maybe time to switch to another option?

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I'm on a business account as well. This may be something you already tried, but you'll have to go in and add another account. Personal and Business will have different login information. Also, if you use the clipper a lot and you also use the show related notes in the browser when you do searches, it will not show you both. If your clipper is logged into the personal account that's all you'll see. If you're logged into the business account via the clipper that's all you'll see.

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I'm just not sure what happened...after the "upgrade" my iPad still works like normal..but my iPhone and my computers now don't see or recognize my dual logins anymore. If I login like normal, I can see all the notebooks, see how many notes are there but when I click on them it says no notes available. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 3.18.05 PM.png

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