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Change Logging: Detailed change-list for every update



Is there a way we can see a detailed changelist for every update? iOS App store change history is basically useless, they copy and paste previous "changes", or just mention bigger ones, or just say "Bug fixes". I would really appreciate if I could see every bug that was fixed in a specific update. Thanks.

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What I observe is the follows (some of them may be fixed in v10.0.1), on iPadOS 14.0.1 with my iPad Pro (10.5-inch, 2017):

  • Notes duplication without reason should have been fixed.
    • I only tried adding two notes and editing one note.
  • Sync has been fixed so that you can see all the latest updates on all devices without having to force quit.
  • Gallery view is not as slow as before, but swiping will still feel sluggish.
  • PDF can be read normally, and editing is smooth (although at first is a bit laggy).

Not fixed:

  • Unnecessary spacing in Shortcuts sidebar.
  • Sketching results in low resolution and writing/drawing using Apple Pencil is hard.

For Web Clip:

  • I haven't used it before, but this time I don't notice any errors.
    • But you can only read and can't edit. No simplify formatting for the whole note is possible.
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Why is it so damn hard to introduce a few lines of text, explaining what has been fixed and what has been added when a new release hits the AppStore ?

Instead a copy and paste of how great the new release is - WTF ! I regard this as ignoring us users, letting us find out what to expect over and again, currently on a weekly hit rate. 

Very unprofessional, to say the nicest thing crossing my mind right now.


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