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Post 10.0 Interview with Ian Small

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Yeah, I found the part of about Electron interesting and really think a lot of the concerns outlined on forums are overblown.  I have not experienced any issues with the Mac Beta.

A lot of interesting references to the speed of future enhancements once all the new apps are out, which must be expected pretty quickly if they are planning to roll out one big development per month over the next three to six months.  I am excited for what is coming....

... but found it very concerning that there was no reference to the issues with the iOS app.  I am still holding out hope that all of these are resolved quickly, but the iOS app is pretty much unusable for me right now which is pretty disappointing.

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Yeah, I don’t get the issue with electron, its used by notion, teams, discord and countless others. I use discord a lot and I have no issue whatsoever with the app.  That doesn’t concern me at all, the bugs with the ios version does, but I think as long as they take time to resolve this before releasing another publicly this can be fixed.  If they rush out another client there will simply be too much bug squashing etc to be done and more concerns will grow. 

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Agreed -- Electron seems to be pretty solid. I don't get all the hate on the internet about it. Slack uses Electron, which I've used for years now (multiple workspaces, too), and it's been great over 99% of the time (and when it has been down or not working properly, I don't believe it had anything to do with Electron specifically). Also, Visual Studio Code uses Electron, which is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) code editor these days.

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The interview was ... nice. Nice questions, nice answers. Too nice for my feelings, but YT-Journalism seems to know only extremes.

If the questions would not have been so tame, maybe the answers would have reflected more of the iOS-situation. But I think it is more plausible that the interview was recorded a little before the release hit the iOS devices, and us users / customers.

Currently the perspective of a major release every 3 month could be seen more as a threat than a blessing ...

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