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I created an Evernote table (on laptop version) this morning to track my blood pressure. 

So, I I go to the doctor's office and want to record my BP in the table, how do I add a new row at the top? I can do this on the desktop version but haven't been able to make it work on my mobile Android app?  Or do I need to find another app to use for this?  I'm using a Samsung Note 10.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. Table functions have always been extremely limited in the Android Evernote app. A drastically upgraded editor has been released for iOS, and the plan is for it to come to Android soon (see https://evernote.com/blog/unlocking-evernotes-future/). In the meantime, the most realistic way might be to add in a bunch of empty rows in the desktop program, so they're available to fill in in the Android app. Far from ideal, but it would work until the app is upgraded.

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Hi and thanks for your quick reply. I hope the iOS upgrade works well and will then rolled out to Android, too.

I already did exactly what you suggested, adding rows to the top in my desktop program. 🙂

Will keep fingers crossed for an Android update.

Thank you.

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On iOS it is possible to add rows by putting the cursor in the last field of the existing table, and then press the <tab> key. This adds another row to the table.

OK, there is not tab key on the iOS keyboard. But one can install a 3rd party soft keyboard with a tab key, or use a physical keyboard (Bluetooth or by the connectors) that has one.

It is not a perfect solution, because one can’t add columns by this, and a row created can’t be deleted.

But it is a workaround. I have no Android device, but maybe this works on the android client as well.

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I have an old Note 4 (I'm a card-carrying luddite) which has a handy Samsung S-note function I use to write down random thoughts,  plus it's a possibility to add a camera note to your database if the reading is written down or on an LCD somewhere,  and of course there's a voice-note option for other occasions...  All nothing to do with tables I appreciate,  but they are ways to record data until you get back to the PC!

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