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(Archived) Maybe I Don't "Get" Notebooks...

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I am a rookie Evernote user and love the app. But, I am not understanding the role of "Notebooks." I thought I could create Notebooks for various categories of Notes, for example, "Things to Get" and then have a note for Joe's Hardware, one for Pop's Store, etc. etc.

But, after I do this all the notes just show up as, well, "notes." So, Joe's and Pop's and all the others are in the list.

I've read some threads about subfolders etc. so maybe I'm rooting for this feature. Don't know and haven't found a good way to do what I'd like to do. Maybe I have a Notebook for Pop's Store and then create a note there for what I need to get.

If anyone can point me at a discussion on how to do what I want, I will appreciate it.

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Evernote's focus isn't really to be a to do list/task manager. Therefore, it isn't a to do list in like say, Toodledoo, where you would typically create individual entries for milk, butter, eggs & flour. What you'd probably want to do instead, is have a Things to Get Notebook & have a single note that you'd title "Safeway" & then in the note have:





Here are some threads where people discuss how they use EN:


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Thanks very much! I actually have done what you recommend, setting up a Things To Get notebook. As I said, I would then have a note in it for, say, Safeway, and list items to get there (I actually use "GottaGet" for shopping). But, as I also shared, the "Safeway" note shows up mixed in with all the other notes. And, once I get those items, there is no way to delete them and keep the note.

I "think" that what I am envisioning is a "subfolder" level. Thus, within Thinks To Get, I'd have a folder, Safeway, and then have notes in it.

No big deal. I love Evernote!

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As an early user I'd recommend getting your arms around a good tagging structure before mapping out your notebooks too far. I'm a subfolders thinker and by the time I got aquainted with tags it was too late, my "folder" structure had been built (looong and flat). Sure, I could redo it, but...yawn. Being new though you have the luxury of thinking out your plan.

If you don't like tags you can at least build them out to replicate visually the escense of subfolders eventhough they aren't truly heirarchial. For a lot of subfolder lovers that's enough to get by:


There are tons of examples and discussions on this board and over on the 3.5. like here from two days ago: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=19381

The heavy posters in that thread know their way around tags well, so you might scan for their past offerings

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