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One feature in some programs is to set the blank space beneath a paragraph, allowing one to hit enter once and still have a white line.   When imported into Evernote, I can remove the blank lines, but not always.  If it converts to two hard returns, I can delete one.  But some still have too much blank space between them.  I can't figure out how to remove it in Enote and have to paste into a word processor to change the paragraph formatting before putting it into Enote again.

Any way to make this easier?


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EN is based on HTML to describe content.

This makes formatting difficult at times - if the format is created by HTML code.

AFAIK there is no easy workaround for this. If you copy and paste content yourself, you can try „paste and adapt style“ instead of a simple „paste“. If content is created by clipping, it takes the HTML code with it. In this case using a 3rd party editor is probably the way to go.

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