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Web Clipper in Safari code injection crashes page w/ iframe sandboxes, null origins

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We're having difficulties on our web app  that one of our staff, who has Web Clipper installed, can't access it and causing our page execution to grind to a halt. Note: this deals with iframe sandboxes, postMessage with transferables, hence null origins

[Error] SecurityError: The operation is insecure.
	getItem (topee-content.js:3006)
	(anonymous function) (topee-content.js:3036)
	__webpack_require__ (topee-content.js:20)
	(anonymous function) (topee-content.js:105)
	(anonymous function) (topee-content.js:230)
	__webpack_require__ (topee-content.js:20)
	(anonymous function) (topee-content.js:84)
	Global Code (topee-content.js:85)
[Error] TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'scriptTagContainer.lastChild.src')
	(anonymous function) (commons.js:61077)
	../node_modules/@evernote/skitch-core/dist/skitch.js (commons.js:61079)
	__webpack_require__ (content.js:81)
	./content/contentPreview/utils/SkitchTools.js (commons.js:155159)
	__webpack_require__ (content.js:81)
	./content/contentPreview/previewers/ScreenshotPreviewer.js (commons.js:154034)
	__webpack_require__ (content.js:81)
	./content/contentPreview/ContentPreview.js (commons.js:153459)
	__webpack_require__ (content.js:81)
	./content/Content.js (commons.js:151257)
	__webpack_require__ (content.js:81)
	checkDeferredModules (content.js:47)
	(anonymous function) (content.js:154)
	(anonymous function) (content.js:155)


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