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.tiff images not rendering with iOS 10.0.1?!

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I upgraded to the latest Evernote version (10.0.1) this morning on my iPad Pro, which is also updated to iOS 14.0. Notes are slowly starting to reload and the app is becoming more stable; however, I notice that some notes with .tiff images are no longer displaying inline and have triangle alert--"Unable to render this type of image". Seriously? Why? Is this going to be fixed?

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So I submitted a support request regarding this issue. The response was less than inspiring!

In response to my query about the .tiff images not rendering in the iOS v. 10.0.1: "We haven’t built this feature into the new Evernote app. This is one of a handful of features we are still considering. Thanks for letting us know this feature is important to you." So I countered with: "one must ask WHY this feature was not built into the new app in the first place?? In the meantime, what  am I supposed to do with all my notes containing these images?"

The answer I received is absolutely confounding:

"We haven’t yet built this feature into the new Evernote app. This feature is on our to-do list and we plan on building it soon. As far as .tiff files go we support attaching the file, but we do not support displaying .tiff file image within the note. It will display as an attachment instead. You can, however, right-click the .tiff attachment file, select open with and view it in an external image viewer as a workaround. You can also download the image locally and try converting these images to .png or .jpeg image files and you should be able to use them properly with Evernote."

Now I am really annoyed. We are talking the iOS version of Evernote here! Even as a “workaround”, how I am supposed to “right-click the .tiff attachment file, select open with and view it in an external image viewer” on my iPad or iPhone (we are talking touchscreens here and not mouse-operated computers)??? And why should I, as a premium, paying user, be required to repurpose my images as png or jpegs in order to view them again, when I could view them perfectly well in the previous version of the app?? This is not merely an inconvenience, but a truly retrograde step!
How do we access the previous version of the app, and if we can’t, why are we paying premium prices for something that is no longer usable?



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Bumping this. I just had this lack of tiff support stop the college class I was teaching today dead in its tracks. Opens fine on my Mac thank god. I have tiff images throughout ALL of my semesters lesson plans.


Why take a step backwards? 

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Heads up, Evernote. Medical and legal information can often require the use of .tiff files so requiring your Evernote users (who receive .tiff files as the original format) to convert them to .png or .jpeg in order to work in Evernote is a huge barrier. This means we would have to hire a full-time .tiff converter as staff. We're talking hundreds of thousands of files for our attorneys over time. For a small firm this could even require two full-time staff members needed now just to manage the new flow required to accommodate the lack of support for .tiff files. I was about to set up two firms on Evernote and I'm so glad I saw this thread before signing up a ton of attorneys. I'll have to move the attorneys I have on Evernote off of it now. 😐 Please think fast on this one. I don't have a plan b as your platform was the obvious choice until this.

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