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Side List feature on Web




I would like to have the Side List feature on Web just like on the Windows app. That would help me being much more productive for example when using Evernote Web on my work computers where I can't install the application, where I use Evernote Web on the Chrome Browser instead. I deal a lot with receipts, so to be able to sort notes with List View, just the title, one line for each note, would be more effective. Easier to scroll through more notes that way, drag and drop to different notebooks, etc.

(I can see this has been discussed serveral times before, as early as 5 years ago. Why can't this feature just be added to Evernote Web. Don't remove, just add the option to sort/view notes as a compact list..)

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Okey, okey, okey... Let me specify my wish a little more: Please Enable "View Options" in Evernote Web similar to what's available in the Evernote desktop app for Windows. So that the user have the option to choose whatever view. "Top List is better than Side List"...ehm, no. Anyways give use more options than just the snippet view for the web-solution of Evernote.

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2 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Evernote is (allegedly) in process of 'harmonising' all the apps to use the same interface so that should be coming...  "soon" :D

Unless the design team decides to drop the side list option  😦   
For the latest in UI design, we have v10 implementation in IOS

 btw; Top List is better than Side List  🙂

           Added my vote anyways; it's better to have view options

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30 minutes ago, Echoreflection said:

disagree, but interested in why you think/feel that way. (SideList vs TopList)

Here's a sample TopList944248749_ScreenShot2020-09-21at12_09_12PM.png.f9f35868179dcaf0a6489e20234ee997.png
and corresponding SideList

Just my opinion, but I'm seeing better details with the TopList.  421302868_ScreenShot2020-09-21at12_04_15PM.png.e6cfb1ea2755dcc940c754cc7af36e10.png
Extra columns, more space for the title
More space (width) for the note panel

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+1 for Side list in web version

  • It's a better file explorer because there's a greater chance to preview the whole note, or at least more of a note, when clicking through a list of titles at say HD resolution. 
  • Side list is so important to me that I'd look for a different software if it were removed.
  • If it is added to the web version, I'd no longer need to install the windows client.
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