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Critical error in Evernote Beta (ENONENT: no such file or directory open [...] boron-config-template.json

Pablo Pecora

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I have an error in my evernote Beta (I assume that it is the latest version, I can't check as I can't access). It appears when I open it (and then with the OK button ,it closes, so I can't open it.

I uninstalled my "alpha" prior version as now I have the beta, and then I started getting this "Error ENOENT: NO SUCH FILE OR DIRECTORY. 

I want to download my beta version again, but I don't find any place to do it.

I feel comfortable with the beta, I don't want to go to the original version. 

Any help?


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It says „Beta“. Have you participated in the beta program, and are still running the software based on a beta testing program ?

If yes or no - when you get this error, something is wrong with your install. Issue a support ticket then.

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