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Evernote MacOS not synching in real time

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Since two updates ago (about a week ago), which seemed to be around the same time as the new iOS rollout, Evernote for MacOS is intemittenly not syncing a note.  After actively working on a note, I'll see the note meta data saying (last updated 2 hours ago).  I have since stopped using it and am now using Evernote for web.  At this point I would say only 30% of the time, Evernote is recording the updates and 70% of the time ist completely losing any new updates to a note.  Even after closing and reopening it, the modification made to the note are lost.  Very frustrating

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Hi.  I'm confused.  If you're working on a desktop the notes are saved locally and -from time to time- get saved to the server (at intervals set by Preferences).  If for reasons of bad connections, changed preferences or mistiming a note is not updated immediately it doesn't 'lose' the content.  Not using the app seems an extreme reaction - am I missing something obvious?

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