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New Evernote for iOS is a HUGE step backward



Had been greatly looking forward to the new Evernote for iOS. The lags in creating and opening notes in the previous architecture were a serious flaw and was thrilled that this new architecture was planned to speed up the entire work flow.

BUT, unpleasantly surprised at how much functionality has disappeared in this new version. Have not done a complete review, but immediately noticed:

  • share function to clip pages and content no longer captures title and no longer offers the option tag
  • share function takes 5x or more longer to sync the now much less useful clip to cloud than previous version, for at least one note it hasn't worked at all
  • press and hold menu on iPhone no longer supports new note, new photo functionality
  • the URL associated with a note is now buried in menu, note info, very inconvenient
  • no path to cancel creating a new note, only option is to create the blank note and then delete 

Always shake my head that software developers seem to never understand that for users our highest priority is keeping the current functionality working well. New features are great, but not at the expense of consistent performance from the features we have integrated into our workflows.

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v10  is a huge step forward in terms of a common code base   
Yes, there are issues/bugs to be fixed

Overall, I'm seeing an improvement in IOS functionality    
With new features, including access to the tag hierarchy

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