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Evernote Web ver 10.0.0


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Thank you for noticing this! I see the same thing. And I also see no changes. I suspect this has to do with the release of the iOS upgrade, incorporating many of the Web beta's features in the editor. Perhaps it means that the Web client is considered "finished (for the moment)"?

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On MacOS, it looks like Chrome got 10.0 but Safari is stuck at 5.33. 

Safari, which I mostly use, has been at 5.33 for some time now, while Chrome was getting updates. So I have been running Chrome to use Evernote web, and Safari for everything else.

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I did find a couple of items.

  • Tag sort by count has been fixed
  • The find in note option seems to be missing.
  • Noticed notes created after Aug 14th that had been missing, now appear
  • There is a new option in the notebooks menu, that maybe I never noticed, called Group Notes. It groups then by month. However I don't see a way to un-group them. 
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10 hours ago, lhb said:

I'm still stuck on v5.33.0 on Edge

Me too.  I asked Support about that,  and they say it's because I have too many notes.  No indication whether they might expand the range at any time...

10 hours ago, shiela said:

its been a month, i cant access evernote web, pls do you have any idea where can I access evenote web, can you suggest the browsers you are using thanks

Evernote Web should be available through any browser - what device, Evernote version and browser are you using now?  Have you tried clearing the browser cookies and cache?  Restarting your device?

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Thanks a lot. I was wondering, and this may indeed be an explanation I never thought of or saw mentioned. I have fiber connection so I would not be so much worried, but I guess the limitation could be the data on the Evernote side.

Sadly, v5.33 has bugs, such as sometimes changing my created date, which I have then to reset in another version.  I do enjoy the new editor (beta in v5.33), which has a lot fewer problems and limitations.

I's a bit of a challenge keeping up a reasonable workflow between all the versions with their limitations, features, bugs, and performance challenges. I was hoping that a web version with faster deployment of fixes would allow me to bridge the time until the dust around Evernote 10 has settled.

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1 hour ago, lhb said:

I was hoping that a web version with faster deployment of fixes would allow me to bridge the time until the dust around Evernote 10 has settled.

Yup - you and me both.  5.33 is still unfinished and annoys me considerably in that it takes a couple of clicks and a 10-second wait just to delete a note.  And don't get me started on multi-select... 

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Finally a response from support on why I still can't access v10:


"We're currently in the process of rolling out version 10 of Evernote web to all user. Currently version 10 is available for new users, and existing users with smaller note counts (~<1000)."

@iansmall should be utterly embarrassed that this is the best he can do after 2 years.

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