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Upcoming changes in Evernote for Android

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In a blog post yesterday called "Unlocking Evernote's Future," Ian Small announced the release of the updated Evernote for iOS. (Such an announcement has also been at the top of the forum screens.) I took a look at the featured updates for iOS, and while the navigation looks like simply an upgrade to match the Android app, the renewed editor looks like it will incorporate many of the features Android users have been requesting, including control over fonts and colors, headers, etc. In his blog post, Small also says, "Soon, we’ll bring the new app experience to our Windows, Mac, and Android users, rolling out to each platform as final testing rises to meet our expectations." So there's something to look forward to, hopefully in the fairly near future.

The post is well worth reading, and not just for iOS users. Small acknowledges the delays in development and encountering problems they didn't know they had. But he also says, "We’re not stopping there, because we’ve worked too hard to allow these shiny new apps to stagnate. You can look forward to a new era of innovation at Evernote, and we’re excited about what the next year will bring." I'm not expecting all of this to spring forth next week, but it looks like the coming months could be very interesting for Evernote.

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