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10.0 client - images not function as auto-note-links



In pre 10.0 iOS clients, images (such as a Post-It Note) could be used as an auto-link to open a new note. NOW in the new client, the URL text for that auto-
image is shown just below the image (functions like the Mac client was, for a while as I recall, or may still). The end result gets you where you want to go, but the UI is not as elegant.

Here's the use case:
(and you guys may have the guy from....Germany maybe, who created a YouTube vid showing how he uses multiple Post-It notes to act essentially as a dashboard, linking notes to each Post-It Note, with a nice clean UI where it all looks cool.
Now - ***** - no more. The Post-It note is there (yay) but sadly now also the internal URL that the image links to (boo). AND  - not only do we now see the ugly URL, the actual IMAGE - in my case, the Post-It notes, don't function at all. They have become static images. Double-boo.
Let's go UX folks - get on this.
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On 9/16/2020 at 3:05 PM, NRosser said:
NOW in the new client, the URL text for that auto-image is shown just below the image

Same problem, used extensively in dashboard notes IMG_3764.jpeg.3aadb64a1c0bcdcd3cc8f636329567e9.jpeg

This is not just a display problem; my note has been corrupted


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