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Change default font?



Hi Guys, 


I use Evernote Web quite a bit, especially for notes, however I use Copy and Paste alot too and when pasting, it defaults to Sans Serif and I would prefer the Slab Serif font. I would love to have a function where we could change the default font from the pre-selected fonts Evernote provides? Let me know what you guys think? 😁

Thank you

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On 9/17/2020 at 8:48 AM, gazumped said:

Hi.  No default fonts yet in the Web version,  but you can change the font in the note (within limits) and 'paste as plain text' should match the style of your paste with the current note font.

even if I've switched the font in the note to another one, the editor defaults back to sans serif and the note becomes mixed font.

how is this not an option even for a subscriber?

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19 hours ago, spam_lover said:

how is this not an option even for a subscriber?

Don't know if there are different font rules for basic users or not.  Subscribers can at least refer the issue to Support and find out why font selection doesn't 'stick' (if that's what is happening here...) 

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