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Issues with Noteshelf integration

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Hi All,

We've seen a handful of reports that users are experiencing issues with their Noteshelf integration with Evernote.

As a workaround solution, tap on the magic wand icon that appears in the HTML window:



This should fix the formatting for content that was imported from Noteshelf.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions regarding the Noteshelf integration! 


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I'm was having the same issue. Noteshelf released a fix in their last app update (8.1.3). That seems to have fixed this problem. 

BUT.... Now the overall syncing is very poor. Some notebooks sync from Noteshelf but others don't. Is Evernote working on this? 

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Yes, the new Noteshelf update fixed it (without any notice!) for newly created notes. But I have hundreds of existing notes that are now unreadable. I would have to do little changes for every single note to fix it and mess up the change dates on the way.

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