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sort order of reminders view

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Hi Team,

congratulations for V10!

I just downloaded it, went to „all notes“ and „reminders view“ - there is a problem.

If you want to see reminders due today (or earlier) you first see all notes with an active reminder without a date & time set, a lot of work to scroll down to see the reminders with a due date.

Changing sort order doesn‘t help because then I see the notes with the latest due date first.

Problem is: Notes set with a reminder without date & time are shown before those notes with a date & time - you should reverse this, please - show first notes with a due date and then those without.

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Hi, this is a known issue and there is a ticket to address this. Essentially we have to add the ability to configure a list of items with null values to put the null values at the back of the list instead of the front. We're working on getting this functionality to you in an upcoming release.

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