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(Archived) Viewing and editing notes "off line"

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Apparently we can't edit or even view notes that are 'rich text' if we don't have a wi-fi connection. OK, no biggie. How do I create a note that doesn't have RichText in it? Portable notes aren't very useful if they're unaccessible when I'm without a connection. Is this a feature that can be turned off? I created the note on my iTouch, did a sync at home, then was unable to view it the next day. What am I doing wrong?

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Thanks for your rapid response. Two points, however, now arise. Your note "All notes that you create or view on the iPhone will be cached locally, so you can view them again even without a network connection. This feature is available to all users." doesn't seem to hold true--is this the case only before the note is sync'd to my PC and the web? As I said, I wrote my note on iTouch, made no further edits, did the sync, and tried to access it the next day, encountering the "rich text' pop up. If I just mark every note a 'favorite', does that enable off-line viewing? Is there a limit to 'favorites'? I'm really enjoying EN, but it HAS to be fully portable to be useful.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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