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Missing Evernote icon in taskbar

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Hi.  Which version of Windows?

Basic Windows stuff.  Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote and find Evernote.exe.  Right click and choose 'send to desktop' (create shortcut).  If you then right click the new icon you may be able to 'pin to start' or drag and drop the shortcut elsewhere.

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Thanks. Windows 10.0.18362.

I tried your idea already but I just get a generic Windows icon rather than the true Evernote icon. Please note, this is not a major problem and does not affect usability. It's just odd and my orderly mind would like it fixed.

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Hmmn.  It works for me... maybe that shortcut needs to be used so that the correct icon 'registers' with Windows.  You could try uninstall / restart / reinstall to fix the issue,  but if its no big deal,  that seems an extreme response...

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