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What happens when I hit the 60MB upload limit

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Syncing stops until the limit resets.  Everything else stays the same.  FYI, it's not just uploads that affect the uploads, it's any time you change a note.  That causes a sync which adds to the total.

A 25 MB note is typically contains attachments be it PDF, picture, sound, whatever.  It would take some text to get to 25MB.

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The real limit is a bit lower, because a note carries some overhead.

If you get stuck, you can wait for the set back of the total limit. With a note that gets stuck by the note limit it sometimes is tricky.

Against both effects there is a medicine: Book Premium for a single month, which will as well raise the limit to 10GB and that of a individual note to 200MB. Just be aware that you will have a problem if you download such a large note later: It will not sync back to the server.

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