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Truncated paste menu (unreadable)

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Hi, I copied text (and more than text) on a web page and wanted to paste it to a note. I called the paste menu and saw an option I'm unfamiliar with. Can you help me guess what is that option? (I tried it but couldn't tell by using it). It's the third option. 1st : "PASTE" (in french). 2d : "SELECT ALL". (in french) 3d : "COLLER E...".

- I ask this to "technical issues" because I didn't find a forum for android non technical issues
- I ask to the english community because apparently there is no such community in french
- I have googled extensively, to no avail.

In french, "coller" means "paste". So my guesses are : PASTE EXTENDED, PASTE TOGETHER...
My phone screen is 5'', not that small, but it's truncated (I even put my screen in landscape mode, still truncated). Another guess is that it's the option to paste and remove formatting. But apparently it didn't work with removing html and pictures.
The guess would be easy if I saw that menu all the time on other android apps, but I've never had this truncated paste option in other apps.

Can you help me guess what this option does exactly?

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Hi. Were you copying and pasting from a web page into a new note? 

If I do that I get Paste / Select All / Paste as Plain Text - which due to the wonders of pasting HTML into another format,  tends to be the original format,  jumbled around.

As on option you could 'share' the page to a note for (maybe) more reliable results...?

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2 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi. Were you copying and pasting from a web page into a new note? 


> If I do that I get Paste / Select All / Paste as Plain Text

Hey thanks a lot, that must be it! Coller en texte brut, paste as plain text. Thanks for the suggestions too, will try.

I'm on Android 8, I wonder if they (Android) have fixed the truncated menus since then. Of course everything is developed in english and it seems they don't notice that with localization the space for some menus is too small.

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One other note: in the Evernote Android app, "Paste as plain text" simply doesn't work. I don't remember if it ever has, but if so, it quit working a few years ago. So that is why you won't see any difference when selecting "Coller en texte brut". I often use the Evernote "Add note" or "Quick note" (I have no idea what it is in French) on the pull-down notifications. Paste as plain text does work there, and after some editing the text can then be cut from there and pasted into a regular note.

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