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Evernote not up to date in web browser (Google Chrome)


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I have the same issue.

  1. In a regular browser window, Evernote only displays notes synced back on Aug 14th. Today is 9/14. Any notes added since August are not visible.
  2. If I try to add a new note (in a regular browser window), I end up with repeated syncing errors, requiring a re-load - all my copy/paste efforts are gone each time it reloads. NOTHING is saved. **see screenshot of test note attached
  3. However, if I log into Evernote via a Chrome Incognito Window, there are zero issues with the web version - all notes are there. This indicates a Chrome extension issue, but:


  • I'm using the latest version of Chrome.
  • Nothing about my Chrome settings have changed since August. 
  • My browser only uses 2 extensions - neither are causing the issue. 
  • Computer has been repeatedly restarted since then.
  • Browser Cache has been cleared multiple times. 
  • There is plenty of memory remaining on my PC. 
  • I only have 2 devices attached to my account - an iPad and an iPhone. Both are working fine. Zero sync issues.  
  • I've tried using the newest Note Editor and also the Classic Note Editor - both end up with the syncing/reloading issue described above when in a normal browser window. 

I no longer have a paid version of Evernote, so I cannot email tech support. This is a aggravating bug that needs to be addressed by their team. 

Capture - evernote 01.JPG

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1 hour ago, MConnell said:

I've logged out & in repeatedly. Nothing changes. Per your suggestion, I did just now switch to the older UI and all notes are indeed visible.

Then, tried switching back to the new UI and notes are still not syncing. 

That was just the same with me, except from my success with logout and login.

seems to be an issue for technical troubleshooting by the evernote development stuff regarding sync in the actual new web UI...

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same sync-problem once again, but only with new web-UI in my chrome browser: sync is frozen with last note from 9th september (there are quite al lot younger notes...)
If I open evernote web with new web-UI in my vivaldi browser I get all notes, even the the freshest, only a few minutes ago.

I guess, this could be a cache-problem? Probably lots of header and meta-infos like title, date edit, tags and so on might be locally saved in cache for fast response. (have you seen the update progress in waves, when you open for web browser after a cpule of days? note-header infos seem to be synced and updated in groups or waves..)

If the is ab bug in the check-load-update-check-load-update-progress, the web-UI-sync may freeze like we see...



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