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I have Evernote on my Android phone where I have a passcode for security set up, I have just loaded Evernote on my Windows 10 desktop computer but cannot find anyway to set up a passcode. Can you please offer any advice?

The help screen only appears to give instructions for setting a passcode on a mobile.

Thank you



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10 minutes ago, Butts said:

Windows 10 desktop computer but cannot find anyway to set up a passcode

Passcode is not a feature on the Windows/Mac platforms

There's a request posted at the discussion linked below.   
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On the desktop systems, it is assumed that the EN access is protected by the user account.

So if on Windows, make sure your Windows login is password protected if you share the computer with other users. Furthermore the encryption of the drives should be enabled, to avoid that other users can go to the EN database folder directly.

The same it true for the Mac, where on the newer Macs the T2 chip offers further options, like unlock by fingerprint or the encryption of the SSD by an own embedded controller and encryption chip. More secure than the software based solution on Windows PCs.

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