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Saving MP4 or mov from an Evernote note on iOS to the library


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Hi guys.


Is like to know if there's a way to save a MP4 or mov from an Evernote note on iOS to the iPhone library.


My only option is to watch the videos from the note, can't find any other action that I can usually do with the share feature on iOS (like save, share on other app, etc).

Thanks in advance.

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Just could try: The split screen worked, could drag a mv4-video file from a note into the photos app. 

Press long on the video symbol in the EN note, until the file seems to lift a little, move it to the photo app open in split screen, when over an album the „-„ symbol changes to a green „+“, and let it drop. It will be copied to the album, and can be played from there.

The long press did nothing, no effect.

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Hi PinkElephant.

The long press was my first try before coming to the forum. I thought it was going to work also. 😔


The split screen thing I can't do on my iPhone. It's great to know if works on iPad, but I didn't made it clear on the first post that I mean iOS on iPhone.


Hope anyone can help.


And thanks for replying.

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Hi, I wanted just to ask if the video from evernote always comes in mov or mp4 formats. Or does it only depend on the format the video is when I share in on evernote? I mean can I download/save video in any other format like to convert it directly in the evernote? Or do I need to use a convert like https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-convert-gif-to-mp4.html or https://www.any-video-converter.com?

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