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Hierarchical sorting of notes (MAC)



Goal: sort notes by "Tags" and then by "Title" in alphabetical order. 

Current behavior: if you sort by "Tags," then the notes within a particular tag group are inevitably sorted by "Updated."

Proposed solution: same as in Excel. When you sort based upon multiple columns, the order or hierarchy of the sorting is based on the order that the columns were selected.

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 8.45.40 AM.png

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2 hours ago, CardoB said:

Goal: sort notes by "Tags" and then by "Title" in alphabetical order. 

Your example displays a single tag per note 
If a note has more than one tag, would the note be listed multiple times?

>>Proposed solution: same as in Excel.

I actually export the note data to a spreadsheet   
It supports various reporting features, including the requested sorted grid
I include a hyperlink to access the note in Evernote 
       "\"=HYPERLINK(\"\"" & theLink & "\"\",\"\"" & theTitle & "\"\")\"        "

I use an AppleScript (Mac) to write to a .csv file   

         repeat with theNote in theNoteList
set theData to return
set theData to theData & (text 9 thru -1 of item 1 of theNote)
             set theData to theData & "," & (item 4 of theNote as text)
             write theData to openFile starting at eof as text
end repeat

Here's a screenshot of my receipt notes, sorted by tag, date, title1380325172_ScreenShot2020-09-11at9_17_46AM.png.497dab1727eb19e52dff87568fbd0d34.png

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