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How to bulk remove tags in new interface?


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Hi everyone! 

I am looking to revamp my tagging system and wish to remove all tags at once. But the new interface doesn't seem to allow me to do so. 

Appreciate if anyone could share solutions on this.

Also, I would appreciate if you could share your best tagging system.


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17 hours ago, tomth90 said:

How to bulk remove tags in new interface?

Which device/platform are you using?  Which "new interface"?
Bulk tag operations for selected notes is a feature on the Windows/Mac platforns

>>Also, I would appreciate if you could share your best tagging system.

The first tag assigned is note type    
For example  !Type-Journal, !Type-Receipt    
This drives other tag assignments    
For example, receipts are assigned tags for !Budget and !Vendor

I prefix tag names to reflect hierarchy   
For example    !Colour, !Colour-Red, !Colour-Blue    
I don't like orphan tags in my list

I use tag:!Archive to identify archived notes; -tag:!Archive to exclude from searches 

I use tag;Actionable to identify actionable notes  1085697489_ScreenShot2020-09-11at4_41_07PM.png.f530cd95b61cdf8623320e6b47b39f33.png

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Which EN,  the current or the beta?+

I use tags, not so many notebooks.  My strategy is to use as few tags as possible, have them be as broad in meaning as possible, and have they mean say what they are.  For example PC.Stuff or $tatement or AMEX.  No confusion or forgetting them.  Some prefixes for to do's, years, and people, ! _ and =. 

For me tags are a good way to get to a final search result or if not add some text to get to what I need.  Sometimes a pure text search works just as well.  But something tag:PC.Stuff VPN does a good job of getting me to any notes related to VPN.  End of the day though you have to set up what works for you.  Fix whatever bothered you with your first set up.  And Ctrl+Q can be your friend.

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On 9/11/2020 at 5:34 PM, CalS said:

Some prefixes for to do's, years, and people, ! _ and =. (tagging system)

Likewise, I prefix my tag names with a character    ? ! @ .  (?Who !What @Where .When)
This serves two purposes
1. Clearly identifies tag objects
    Example: Budget is some text,  !Budget is a tag
2. With over 300 hundred tags I'm attempting to divide the list into tag classes
     It makes the list easier to navigate

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